Meet the Team

Embark on a journey of a lifetime with Safari Essence, where your gateway to the wild is curated with impeccable precision and heartfelt passion. At the helm of your adventure are Sivia Hill and Melandia Campbell-Stone, the dedicated duo whose expertise and enthusiasm for Botswana’s majestic landscapes transform every safari into a personalized escape into paradise.


Sivia Hill, with her encyclopedic knowledge of Botswana’s diverse ecosystems, infuses educational richness into your tours. Her background in conservation and geology ensures that each excursion not only thrills but also informs, fostering a deep appreciation for the intricate balance of life in the savannah.
Silvia Hill


Melandia Campbell-Stone, the logistical maestro, orchestrates your journey with seamless precision. From ensuring your accommodations mirror the comfort of home to arranging transportation that glides through the terrain with ease, Mel’s attention to detail guarantees a stress-free sojourn.
Together, Sivia and Mel epitomize the spirit of Safari Essence—where every whisper of the grass and distant roar of a lion is part of an unforgettable narrative crafted just for you. Join us, where your dream safari awaits, attended by the best in the business.